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Are Your Locksmiths DBS Checked and Certified?

When it comes to securing your home or enhancing your home security system, entrusting the services of a professional locksmith is important. Whether you require access to your property or wish to upgrade your locks, it's essential to engage with a locksmith who has undergone a DBS check.

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Home > Are your locksmiths DBS checked and certified?
March 25, 2024

Are Your Locksmiths DBS Checked and Certified?

This verification process offers peace of mind regarding the locksmith's integrity and reliability, especially considering the sensitive nature of their work involving home security.

Ensuring Trust and Safety in Locksmith Services

imagWhen it comes to locksmiths, most people look for licenses and certifications. Sure, you want locksmiths with a Master Locksmiths Association recognition, but that's clearly not everything. The service involves direct contact with yourself or your family. And it's someone who gains a way to customers' homes.

From this point of view, DBS checks are just as important, especially when it comes to vulnerable people. While anyone can get a license from a professional body like the MLA, fully trained and trustworthy locksmiths in the UK should also have a valid DBS certificate and a criminal record check in place.

That's what the DBS check is for.

What Are DBS Checks and Why Do They Matter for Locksmiths?

A basic DBS check is carried by the Disclosure and Barring Service. If successful, a DBS certificate is offered. There are more types of checks out there. Having them in place shows a higher degree of care and commitment from trustworthy technicians. Based on the industry, the required DBS check may vary.

Understanding DBS Checks

The DBS check is conducted by a criminal bureau for more industries, not just the locksmith industry. Such records are revealed in more stages, depending on the requirements.

  • A basic DBS check includes convictions and unspent convictions.
  • A standard check is suitable for particular job roles, such as security guards.
  • An enhanced DBS check is for people working with kids, vulnerable adults, vulnerable groups or just people in general.
  • An enhanced DBS check with a barred list offers slightly more information.

Back in the day, the DBS check was known as the CRB check.

The Importance of DBS Checks in the Locksmith Industry

imagAn MLA membership is clearly not enough for most locksmiths. Indeed, character reference does help for fully trained experts, but that's not everything. Whether self employed or employed by a company, a locksmith with a clear DBS check is ready to prove their criminal record is clean.

Locksmith technicians help providing access to homes and commercial properties. They can enter homes, replace locks or upgrade security systems. Disclosure of their record is a must due to the high security environments they deal with, whether on a regular basis or over long term contracts.

The DBS check isn't always a contractual requirement, but it certainly adds to their credibility.

Certification and Training: The Hallmarks of Professional Locksmiths

Certifications prove UK customers that locksmiths have actually undergone professional training in order to do their job. While experience is extremely important in the process, too, people prefer locksmiths who are proven to excel in their field.

Locksmith Certifications Explained

There are more certifications for different specializations. Beginners can opt for foundation or fitting courses, not to mention uPVC or basic opening courses. Advanced locksmiths go for composite masterclass courses or perhaps high security cylinder courses.

But on top of all these specialized courses, the MLA exam is by far the most comprehensive course. It's the highest qualification in the UK and covers locksmiths for a long period of time. It's recognized by ABBE and Ofsted and covers everything, from keys to doors.

The Role of Continuous Training

A professional locksmith won't stick to the classic MLA course to become a qualified master technician only. The truth is that, just like in any other industry, technologies change all the time, especially in today's digital age.

The lack of continuous training is the reason wherefore many locksmiths can't cope with modern systems. They know what they're doing when it comes to classic locks, but training all the time guarantees being up to date with the latest technological advancements.

Our Commitment to Safety and Professionalism

At Top Locksmith, we ensure that we hire the most experienced, reliable and educated locksmiths on the market.

DBS Checks for Our Locksmiths

All of our locksmiths go through DBS checks to ensure there are no criminal records or unspent convictions. We know your home or business is a private environment, so we try our best to keep it safe.

Ensuring Certification and Training

All of our locksmiths are fully certified and licensed, but we also enroll them in continuous education programs to guarantee education regardless of the technology.

The Difference Certified and DBS-Checked Locksmiths Make

There are quite a few horror stories regarding locksmiths who kept copies of keys they'd made for further crime, and that's only the most common issue. We reach out to the Disclosure and Barring Service for a basic DBS check before hiring people.

This way, we can guarantee that each of our locksmiths is DBS checked and has no criminal record. This isn't just for vulnerable adults or other vulnerable groups, but great for everyone's peace of mind.

Choosing the Right Locksmith: Questions to Ask

You don't need to be part of vulnerable groups to ask a locksmith if they're fully trained, self-employed or have a DBS check in mind. Here are a few things customers should ask upfront:

  • Can you help?
  • Are you local?
  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • How much do you charge?
  • Do you have a DBS check?
Our Promise of Secure and Reliable Locksmith Services

We guarantee our MLA locksmiths are available through direct contact, have featured a criminal record check or a DBS check from the criminal records bureau, and are fully insured. It's our commitment to our customers, the people who entrust us their valuables, homes and businesses in our hands.