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High security lock install and fit

Getting a locksmith to install new British Standard door locks on your front door is an important way to make sure that your doors are secure. There are a lot of threats on the streets of London, such as knife crime and theft. This is especially true in the heart of the city where crime rates are higher. Pedestrianised streets like Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Circus are particularly vulnerable. Therefore, it is important that you ensure your door locks are properly installed.

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Home > High security lock install and fit

Some of the services that Top London Locksmith provide in this category are:


  • Safe Lockout
  • High Security Key Repair
  • High Security Key Installation
  • Security Key Replacement
  • New High Security Locks
  • Replace Security Key
  • And More...

There are several lock types available that locksmiths can fit on your door. They include:

  • The mortice locks
  • Cylinder locks
  • Smart locks

All of these will be British Standard locks. For residential doors these new lock types are the most likely options a locksmith will choose as a replacement for your existing lock. If you need special locks that are not listed here, you can ask your locksmith whether they provide other locks as standard.

Quality Security Key Installation

Regardless of what doors and locks you may have, you might sometimes need someone to install a security key. This is a service that Top London Locksmith can provide. Having your keys secured inside a key safe can help you find them late at night whilst making it less likely you'll have to change the locks on your doors. A door lock, whether it's a mortice lock or a different type, is only as secure as the keys that open it.


Need to Replace Security Key or Lock?

If you're looking to change your door locks or the security key, then Top London Locksmiths can help you. A few questions about their services are answered below:

What is the most secure type of lock?

According to testing, the best lock you can get is a cylinder lock. These are more resistant to any attempts to break down your door and are stronger as a result. If you want to live securely, these locks are your best options.

How do you fit anti snap locks?

Fitting an anti snap lock is a simple and fast process that doesn't take much time to complete. The most important consideration is ensuring your new anti snap locks match the old lock configuration on your door.

What is the most secure euro lock?

Just as cylinder locks are the most secure locks in general, you'll find that British Standard and Euro locks are also most secure in the cylinder format.

Can burglars break anti snap locks?

Anti snap locks can still be broken by burglars, even when the fitting is done professionally. However, it will take them more time as these locks are tougher than ordinary ones.

Safe Lockout Assistance

Top London Locksmith is an experienced and qualified locksmiths service that can help you in the event of being locked out. They know how to deal with this, as it is a frequent occurrence in London.

Call Top London Locksmith for Help with Your High Security Key and Lock Systems

If you would like someone to assist you in fitting new locks on your doors, then Top London Locksmith are the people to use. Their team of locksmiths will be able to do all the fitting for you. All you have to do is call them.