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Push bar door replace and renew

Push bars are a common feature of doors in many businesses. They're important for safety reasons and to open doors whilst carrying heavy loads. Retail stores in places such as George Street in Richmond, or Shaftesbury Avenue in Central London almost always have them.

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However, there can sometimes be problems with the panic hardware on exit doors. We will share some more about these potential security problems below.

Faults with the panic bolt can make the device unsafe to use and can compromise the security of the business. It can also slow down the use of an exit. Thankfully, Top London Locksmith can deal with:


  • Push Bar Installation in London
  • Push Bar Replacement in London
  • Push Bar Repair in London
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Some of the reasons why you might have to repair the panic hardware on exit doors are the following:

  • The panic bolt may have been improperly installed.
  • The exit door may have been poorly maintained.
  • The panic bolt might be placed inappropriately.
  • The bars on the doors may have suffered from wear and tear.

How do I remove a push bar from a door?

You'll need to take the cover off of the mounted door device, and then unscrew the attached screws that keep the bar attached to the door.

How do you fix a push bar door lock?

If the lock is not working correctly, you will have to secure a new setscrew inside the locking mechanism. This is quite complicated, needs a lot of tools, and takes time.

How do you adjust a push bar door?

You will need to unscrew it from the surface of the door and move it to a new position. If you want to alter the interior of the bar you'll need to take the cover off.

What is a panic bar on a door?

A panic bar is a device that can be used at any point to exit from a business. It makes the door easier to open and close during working hours, and can be connected to an alarm system. They are usually capable of being locked so that extra security is provided.

24/7 Emergency Locksmith Services Available for Local Residents

If you have panic hardware that looks like it's not giving you the high level of security your business deserves, then you should contact a locksmith service. Top London Locksmith can send an emergency locksmith to solve any problems with your mounted door device. If you want to protect the products you sell to customers, you have to ensure that the latch and surface of the panic hardware on your door works properly.


Does Your Business Need a Repair, Installation or Push Bar Replacement in London?

Top London Locksmith can, at any point, provide you with BS EN panic hardware, including a latch that works as it should and a bolt that is of the right standards. If you reach the point where your business needs new panic bars, then you should contact Top London Locksmith by calling us or visiting our website.