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What are the most effective anti-snap lock solutions available in London?

Living in London feels like living in a world of opportunities. But like any great capital, it does have its dark side as well. Property crime in big cities is on the rise, and London is no exception. To prevent such unexpected issues, investing in the right type of locks is a must.

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Home > What are the most effective anti-snap lock solutions available in London?
May 27, 2024

What Are the Most Effective Anti Snap Lock Solutions Available in London?

These days, anti snap locks seem to be the main trend. Lock snapping is a technique that's mainly used on euro cylinder lock systems. It involves using a special key on the cylinder locks and requires no skill whatsoever. Simply put, any burglar with the right tool can do it.

At Top Locksmith, we're dedicated to the concept of preventing burglaries, rather than dealing with them. We supply, install, repair and maintain anti snap locks, but we also educate our customers on how anti snap locks work and what they can do to prevent lock snapping on a lock cylinder.

What's Lock Snapping & How to Prevent It

imagSometimes referred to as cylinder snapping, lock snapping is a common technique targeting euro cylinder locks, which are most commonly found on uPVC doors, yet some aluminum and composite doors also have them. They're mainly used in residential properties, but there are many exceptions as well.

While wooden doors are less likely to have such locks, the truth is, we've dealt with these issues with wooden door systems too.

The cylinder controls all the multi-locks. If compromised, the whole lock becomes useless. It takes around 10 seconds to snap lock. Even if you have high security locks, if the cylinder is attacked, burglars can gain access to your property right away.

Given the rising popularity of this technique, new standards have been introduced to prevent further attacks. British standard locks come with new capabilities, but it's up to you to upgrade your current ones. Not sure about the best anti snap locks? That's why we're here.

How Anti Snap Door Locks Work

An anti snap lock is designed to prevent the manipulation of the cylinder. Most commonly, single, double and thumb turn lock cylinders are affected. Get an anti snap euro cylinder and you'll be guaranteed to prevent such issues with your secure locks. Understanding how they work is just as important.

Snap Channel

The snap channel is a line along the first part of the cylinder. It's basically a weak point. If someone does try to manipulate the door lock, the euro lock will break at that point, so the burglar can't go further in. Even if the cylinder lock is snapped, it can still prevent break ins.

Anti Pick Pins

We fit anti snap locks, as well as anti drill and anti lock bumping locks. Our euro cylinders feature anti-pick pins, meaning picking such a lock would require exquisite precision and plenty of experience, something most burglars don't have.

Anti Drill Pins

Such steel pins are inserted with anti bump purposes. Their high security standards will prevent drilling, but since they're hard and solid, they're also excellent against all kinds of picking tools. Euro locks with anti snap cylinders are likely to prevent most types of burglary techniques.

Best Anti Snap Locks

At Top Locksmith, we supply new anti snap locks, but we also install and maintain such systems. Whether you're after a mortice lock or a mul T lock, we'll educate you on the best solutions for different budgets.

The TS007 3 star anti snap lock is one of the top rated options on the market. It has excellent anti snap capabilities and can maintain the integrity of your system. Furthermore, believe it or not, some insurance companies actually recommend this standard to lower premiums.

Sold Secure SS312

Sold Secure SS312 is one of the first standards in terms of anti snap euro solutions. It's considered one of the safest options out there and comes with a high security key as well. It can be installed on a classic uPVC door, as well as other types of doors.

1 Star Kitermarked Cylinder

This option is good for a front door, as long as it's also protected by 2 star door furniture. It's a complex lock with good security features that can prevent any burglary attempt. The complexity of this system is exactly why you should contact a professional locksmith for the installation.

What Doors Are Anti Snap Locks Suitable for?

Feel free to install such lock types anywhere on the property. They're the best lock types for front and back doors, but they can also provide additional security to side doors or patio doors, helping against unauthorized access and forced entry.

Most commonly, the best anti snap locks are installed on uPVC doors, but such new locks are just as useful on wooden doors, composite doors, and aluminum doors. They're drill-resistant and have a predefined weakest point, making gaining access extremely difficult.

What's Lock Bumping & How to Prevent It

imagBump resistant security is ideal against the so-called bumping process. The method implies getting the tumbler combo, without having the keys. Instead, burglars use a specially cut key. Such keys can be bought in commerce, but they're used to gain entry illegally.

The process implies using the same key in and out rapidly, in order to align the pins. It's not always successful and can be noisy. If it works, the new key will be keyed alike, meaning it can be turned and will unlock the property.

Lock guards and other locks with anti bump properties are secure and can prevent this technique. Security is an important consideration, so most homeowners also rely on additional security, such as cameras and even guard dogs.

Understanding Euro Cylinder Locks

Choosing anti snap locks begins with education. An anti snap lock can come in a wide variety of models. Euro cylinder locks represent one of the most popular choices. The anti snap lock can be purchased with the size and thickness of the door in mind, so door locks can fit properly.

You can also find single or half euro cylinder lock models, which only work with a key from the outside. They also work as anti snap locks, so lock snapping shouldn't be an issue anymore. These days, an euro cylinder lock with lock snapping strength features the Kite Marked standard.

While shopping around for an anti snap lock, you'll also find cylinder barrel door locks that don't need a master key. If lock snapping sounds too complicated, here at Top Locksmith, we'll educate you on your options regarding a euro cylinder lock or other alternatives.

We'll help you understand how lock snapping works and how to pick the perfect euro cylinder lock for your property.


Still unsure about how to prevent lock snapping?

What Do Burglars Need for Lock Snapping?

Lock snapping doesn't require any skills. Many new and inexperienced burglars rely on lock snapping for this particular reason.

Are cylinder locks any good?

Cylinder locks are high security locks. A high-security lock cylinder must, however, have anti snap properties to ensure burglars can't gain access to your property. Such a high security lock cylinder comes in all kinds of sizes.

What's the Price for Euro Cylinders?

A door lock cylinder with anti snap features and a high security key will usually cost £60 or more, depending on how many euro lock systems you need, brand, and features. A euro lock with no anti snap properties is half the price, so it's totally worth investing in a quality unit.

Is the 3 Star Lock Any Good?

The 3 star lock type is one of our top recommendations, especially if the respective locks also feature the TS007 standard rating. Such lock types are standard today and recommended by many professional locksmiths.

Is Anti Snap the Same as Anti Bump?

No. These lock techniques are completely different. Snapping locks is basically breaking locks. On the other hand, bumping a lock implies using a specialist tool. That's why locks are more likely to be snapped than bumped. You can find locks with both anti snap and bump protection.

Can Burglars Break Anti Snap Locks?

An anti snap lock is likely to resist in front of a burglar. The lock cylinder has more ways to protect your property, in more stages. However, it's imperative to ensure the lock matches lock standards of the industry to ensure your door is secure.

Is the 1 Star Key Lock Anti Snap?

The 1 star key lock isn't anti snap, but it could be if you make it secure by adding a 2 star door furniture system for security. At that point, the door lock is anti snap and extremely secure.

Is Door Lock Snapping Declining Because of Anti Snap Door Lock Systems?

Yes. At a peak in 2011, lock snapping is quickly losing its popularity due to the high security standards available today. Security can also be enhanced with numerous extra systems. At Top Locksmith, we supply and install such systems based on the unique necessities of your property.