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What types of locks are best suited for older London properties?

Choosing the perfect door locks for your external doors in London can be tricky, especially if you have an old home and perhaps an old door as well. From mortice locks and multi point locking systems to euro cylinder locks and even window locks, the good news is you do have options.

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Home > What types of locks are best suited for older London properties?
May 27, 2024

What Types of Locks Are Best Suited for Older London Properties? Here's What to Know

While some may find it an easy DIY process, the truth is you don't want to mess with the security of your home, hence the necessity of a professional locksmith. At Top Locksmith, we help with door and window locks of all types, whether you're after installation or maintenance.

Types of Door Locks

Choosing the best door lock implies educating yourself on the most common types on the market. Moreover, whether you're after a mortice lock or some modern smart locks, make sure they meet British standard rules.


Deadbolts are suitable for wooden doors, uPVC and composite doors. They're quite common and offer a great level of protection. You can find both single and double cylinder deadbolts and they can be used for external or internal doors. They're just as common for the front door.

Mortise locks

Mortise locks are more suitable for an old door frame. The mortice lock is among the most common door lock types for commercial properties and old residential properties. They go into a so-called pocket that's cut into the door. They're considered more secure than classic lock cylinder mechanisms.

The five lever mortice deadlock is a mix of more double lock types that are renowned for their high security.

Euro Cylinder Door Locks

Euro cylinder door lock types are common all over Europe, and they've started gaining notoriety in the UK. Such a lock mechanism is versatile and often used with multi-lock mechanism systems for enhanced security features.

It's imperative to go for systems with anti-snap features to prevent lock snapping. It's a basic security rule.

Knob & Lever Handle Locks

This type is ideal for internal doors, where home security isn't a primary concern. It can be installed on composite doors, metal doors, you name it. They're more common on bathroom doors.

Not sure what door lock to choose? Our professional locksmith will assess your case and figure out exactly what type of door lock can match. We'll obviously give you more options and explain each of them for you to make a more informed decision.

For instance, wood doors might feel a bit limited when it comes to choosing the right lock, while uPVC doors can take more lock systems. There are more factors we'll pay attention to and we'll make sure you understand exactly why some lock options are better than others.

Importance of Choosing a Quality Door Lock

Choosing the best door locks is imperative to keep your family and belongings safe, not to mention your business premises. Whether you go for a smart lock or lever handle locks, it makes no difference. You want to prevent lock picking or snapping, as well as forced entry or unlawful entry.

Many smart locks also provide remote access or keyless entry, regardless of the door material. They're much more convenient, but you need to ensure they match British standards, such as BS 3621.

At Top Locksmith, we can supply, install, repair and maintain the best locks you can think of. Be it an inner door or perhaps your front doors, we're able to provide a quality service for your peace of mind.

What to Consider When Buying Door Locks

imagQuality is the main consideration when looking for euro cylinder locks or dead locks, even when it comes to a night latch. The British standard Kitemark should be a good indicator. Your budget is just as important, though.

While you should definitely invest in quality locks, you need to know there are more options out there available for every budget. Even if it's more expensive, a quality lock for any door type will save you money with the home insurance company, too.

The purpose of the door is also important when browsing different locks. Front uPVC doors require superior locks, such as euro cylinders, rather than night latches.

Finally, your door and door handle will also affect the type of lock. Wooden doors have specific requirements. Besides, the door thickness will also determine what type of new locks you need.

Security Ratings in the UK

The BSI sets standards for all kinds of products, including locks. Opt for locks with standard ratings like BS3621, BS10621 or BS8621. Such locks work wonders for home owners and property managers and can ensure burglars won't gain entry.

Sold Secure is an independent rating organization with gold, silver, and bronze ratings. Gold is your top priority for a superior strike plate or even keyless egress.

Simply put, no matter what door lock you require for a front door or perhaps an internal one, make sure you opt for high security ratings to prevent burglaries and stolen property.

Most locksmiths take the BSI as a top option. That's what we're focused on as well. However, we also supply, install and repair locks matching Sold Secure standards, which are just as good. Ideally, a quality lock should match both standards.

Benefits of Smart Locks

imagSmart locks are a modern upgrade to classic locks. Basically, any door lock could be smart, including a mortice deadlock. You can get smart locks for your front door, interior doors or anything else that involves home security which are the best locks in the digital age!

The type of lock is irrelevant for smart locks. Such a mortice deadlock will give you keyless entry, remote access, activity monitoring and even temporary or limited access.

If security is an issue, a smart lock could always be the right lock because it offers more convenience and control. Different brands bring in different features. Again, our security locksmiths will educate you on your options, types of lock systems and what would suit your property.

When going for smart lock systems for security, we recommend using such options in conjunction with top security mechanical locks, such as a mortice deadlock. There's no better way to enhance the security and protection of your property.

Once again, we'll assess your particular case upfront before making any recommendations. Remember, smart options are great for convenience, but you still need the security standards of a classic mechanical lock.

Lock Repair Vs. Lock Replacement

Be it a mortice deadlock or a different type, some people seek our help for security upgrades, others do it as an emergency. If the lock is damaged or shows signs of wear and tear, you can usually repair or replace it.

Unless you want a lock upgrade, we'll usually try to repair the lock system first. In some cases, lock replacement is the only option. Either way, we'll have to assess your lock, identify the problem, and see what available options you have.

At Top Locksmith, we believe each lock issue has at least one solution. We'll try to give you more options and help you understand the pros and cons of each. The final decision will always belong to you, though.