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How long does it typically take to replace or rekey a lock?

Like any other mechanical or smart thing, a door lock or lock cylinder is likely to give up at some point. It happens at the least convenient times, but luckily, it's not the end of the world if you pick the right locksmith services for the job.

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Home > How long does it typically take to replace or rekey a lock?
March 25, 2024

The Importance of Timely Lock Replacement and Rekeying

imag Whether you're switching homes or you have new tenants, it's quite important to hire a professional locksmith for lock rekeying or even replacement. You never know who you're dealing with, so lock rekeying is a matter of health and safety for your own peace of mind.

There are also times when homeowners invest in new high security locks after an incident. If you've been targeted by burglars, it's imperative to change multiple locks and perhaps opt for a more advanced system.

Losing or breaking keys is just as stressful and will require a door lock or lock cylinder replacement.

Understanding the Processes: Rekeying vs. Lock Replacement

Rekeying locks or changing an entire lock are two completely different things. There are times when the idea to rekey a lock is a more cost effective way, but there are also times when you have no other option than to replace door locks or the lock cylinder and get a new key.

What is Rekeying?

More and more homeowners ask a reputable locksmith to rekey locks, rather than change the entire lock. Lock rekeying is excellent if your mortise locks or smart locks are in great condition. A locksmith will realign the key pins in a different manner, changing the layout of the lock.

A lock rekeyed will also imply cutting new keys. Rekeying services work for both interior and exterior doors, both residential and commercial property owners. The rekeying process is one of the most cost effective key services because there's no need to replace the lock, but just cut some extra keys.

How long does lock rekeying take? It depends on the types of locks you have, but a professional locksmith will give you an estimate upfront.

What Does Lock Replacement Entail?

imagA lock involves changing when lock rekeying is not an option. If your current lock is old and defective, lock rekeying is only a temporary option. Sure, if you've lost keys, the locksmith can take to rekey the door lock. It makes no difference if you lost the original key or a spare.

Replacing a lock depends on why you're seeking help from a locksmith. For instance, you can get new locks and a different key if the lock is too old, damaged, or you've broken the key inside.

In this case, experienced professionals won't bother to try and remove the current key. It's time consuming and not effective. Instead, most locksmith services will remove the locks, install a new lock on your uPVC door and give you a new key in a short time frame.

Factors Affecting the Duration of Lock Rekeying or Replacement

Rekeying or replacement could be a matter of minutes or a matter of hours. It also depends on whether you need help with one lock only or more locks.

Type of Lock

Replacing or rekeying a lock will require special tools. Different locks have different security standards. For instance, modern smart lock types require a more electronic approach, while classic locks are more mechanical. High security locks are also more challenging.

Then, a new key will also be required for your door locks, whether you replace or rekey locks.

Furthermore, old pins may need to be removed when you call a locksmith to rekey locks, not to mention the necessity to replace them with new pins or maybe install a C clip.

How long does it take to rekey? It truly depends on the lock and its condition.

Skill Level of Locksmith

Whether you're a residential customer or a business owner, an experienced locksmith could be a more affordable option for the security of your new house. The time to provide this service will vary depending on the locksmith's skills, experience, and time in business.

How long does it take to rekey locks for an expert? Maybe about half an hour. How long does it take for a newbie? It could be a couple of hours.

While new locksmiths may charge less than reputable ones, it's worth noting that a professional job will give you quicker access to your place and provide a more durable result. It's also quicker. If a newbie may need a few hours, an expert could get the job done in less than an hour.

Preparation and Tools Available

An experienced locksmith has also been around for ages. They've seen and done everything around London, which has an incredibly complex market. On the same note, experienced locksmiths are also well-prepared and have the right tools.

A new locksmith may not have the most advanced tools on the market, depending on what they've had to deal with. A professional will bring in the latest equipment and technologies so they make a better option for complex security systems.

Typical Timeframes for Rekeying and Lock Replacement

How long does it take for locksmiths to get the job done? Different jobs have different requirements. While this is only an average, keep in mind that the complexity of the job will affect the time required to get the job done.

At times, it could be a matter of minutes only. Other times, locksmiths may need hours to complete it.

Average Time to Rekey a Lock

Rekeying a lock depends on more factors. But generally speaking, if you have a classic average door and the lock is in good condition, chances are a professional will be able to do it in half an hour or less. Again, it depends on the circumstances as well. If you're locked out, it may take more time.

Complex locks will need more time, and remember, smart modern locks require a more electronic approach, too. It's important to know that most locks can be rekeyed, but this isn't a general rule. If the locks are old and damaged and you no longer have the keys, they may need to be replaced.

How long does it take to do it in perfect conditions? Rekeying services rarely take more than 30 minutes and that includes getting new keys too. How long does it take if you've lost keys or access? Usually, just over an hour.

Average Time for Lock Replacement

If everything's clean and your uPVC door is in good condition, the average time for lock replacement rarely exceeds half an hour for most locksmiths, yet it depends on more things.

Circumstances are extremely important. It's one thing to get an upgrade for security and a different thing to require lock replacement because you broke the key inside and you're locked outside.

The type of lock is just as important. Complex security locks are more difficult to change, especially if there's no access whatsoever. The condition of your door is just as important.

In some cases, hardware upgrades and door adjustments may also be required.

Generally speaking, you can expect the job done in half an hour in ideal conditions. But since most people will seek help from a locksmith when they face an emergency, chances are it will take more than that.

Preparing for a Locksmith Visit: How to Speed Up the Process

While a locksmith will do everything for you, the truth is there are small things you can do to ease the job and make it faster.

  • Have all the documents ready. In many cases, you'll need to prove you're the legal occupier of the property.
  • Clear the area. A locksmith will need some space around the door to get the job done. Move all the clutter, from shoes to plant pots.
  • Get your facts straight. The more you know about the lock, the easier it will be for the locksmith to get the job done. Also, provide information about the circumstances, such as what happened to the key.
Ensuring a Smooth Lock Replacement or Rekeying Experience

Security locksmiths can offer a rekey or replace service for a new house or property in no time. Most locksmiths will offer a rekey service first if the situation allows it. When a rekey service isn't possible, locksmiths proceed to the replacement service, whether it comes to pins or full locks.

Different locksmiths work in different manners. The property service and time needed to complete it depend on the locksmith's experience, skills and tools.

From this point of view, when choosing locksmiths for such a service, it pays off putting quality first. After all, locksmiths are about the security of your home and peace of mind.